Outback Steakhouse – that bloomin’ Aussie staple that’s been satisfying our cravings for hearty grub and cheeky banter since 1988. Whether you’re a die-hard steak fanatic or a seafood snob, Outback’s menu packs a punch that’ll leave you feeling like you just won the Melbourne Cup. Let’s dive in, mates!

ItemPrice (BRL)
Bloomin’ Onion34.90
Aussie Cheese Fries39.90
Kookaburra Wings49.90
Alice Springs Chicken59.90
Outback Special74.90
Baby Back Ribs89.90
Grilled Salmon79.90
Victoria’s Filet109.90
Chocolate Thunder29.90
Sydney’s Sinful Sundae24.90

Note: Prices may vary depending on location and current promotions.

The Outback Special Sirloin

Sirloin6 oz$14.99
Sirloin8 oz$16.99
Sirloin10 oz$18.99

This bad boy is the OG of Outback’s menu – a thick, juicy sirloin that’s grilled to perfection and drizzled with their signature seasoned herb butter. Pair it with a loaded baked potato and a blooming onion, and you’re golden.

The Ribeye

Ribeye12 oz$22.99
Ribeye16 oz$26.99

For those who like their steak with a little extra oomph, the ribeye is where it’s at. This marbled masterpiece is a flavor bomb that’ll have you questioning why you ever settled for anything less.

Not Feeling Beefy? No Worries!

Outback’s got plenty of other options to keep your taste buds happy:

  • Grilled Chicken on the Barbie: Tender, juicy chicken breast that’s been kissed by the grill and topped with your choice of sauce. The Alice Springs Chicken is a fan-favorite, smothered in honey mustard, bacon, mushrooms, and cheese.
  • Seafood Mate: From grilled salmon to crispy shrimp, Outback knows how to do seafood right. The Bacon Bourbon Salmon is a must-try, with a sweet and smoky glaze that’ll make you weak in the knees.
  • Pasta, Mate: Who says you can’t get a decent plate of pasta at a steakhouse? Outback’s got a lineup of pasta dishes that’ll make you say “Struth!” like a true Aussie. The Butcher’s Pasta is a hearty medley of sautéed beef, mushrooms, and tomatoes tossed with penne and creamy alfredo sauce.

Don’t Forget the Sides!

Outback’s sides are like the supporting cast that steals the show. Here are a few standouts:

  • Bloomin’ Onion: This iconic appetizer is a stack of crispy, golden onion petals that beg to be dipped in their signature sauce.
  • Aussie Fries: Thick-cut fries tossed in a blend of herbs and spices that’ll have you licking your fingers clean.
  • Bushman Bread: A fluffy, cheesy loaf of bread that’s perfect for sopping up all those delicious sauces.

Drinks and Desserts

No Outback experience is complete without a few rounds of drinks and a sweet treat to cap it off:

  • Drinks: From fruity cocktails to frosty beers, Outback’s drink menu has something for everyone. The Wallaby Darned is a fan-favorite, with a mix of rum, pineapple, and coconut that’ll transport you to the tropics.
  • Desserts: Save room for the classic Chocolate Thunder from Down Under or the Cheesecake Bites if you’re feeling a little cheeky.

So there you have it, mates! Whether you’re a steak lover or a seafood connoisseur, Outback’s menu has something to satisfy every craving. Just don’t forget to practice your Aussie slang before you go – it’s all part of the fun!